Advanced Checklists Input

Improve your checklists with advanced features like photos, signatures, number and text fields, dropdown fields, and checkboxes.

Checklists are invaluable tools for efficient and accurate task completion. They provide a standardized framework and ensure all necessary steps are taken. In this guide, we'll explore how you can go beyond checkmarks and enhance your checklists with advanced features such as photos, signatures, number and text fields, dropdown fields, and checkboxes.


Accessing Advanced Checklist Features

To access these features, use a checklist management tool that supports advanced functionality. Open an existing checklist or create a new one. Look for options to define task types, including text, signature, photo, checkbox, and dropdown fields.


Adding Photos

Photos can document specific items or tasks. For example, in a property inspection, attach photos of inspected areas to relevant tasks. Select the photo option, and either upload an image or take one with your device's camera.


Capturing Signatures

Signatures add accountability, especially for legal and compliance purposes. Require signatures for tasks like audits or inspections. Select the signature option and use a device that supports digital signature capture.


Number and Text Fields

Use number and text fields to collect additional task-related information. For instance, add a number field for counts or quantities, and a text field for notes or comments. Select the relevant option and define the input format.


Dropdown Fields

Dropdown fields provide predefined options for task completion, ensuring consistency and reducing errors. For quality control checks, offer an acceptable/unacceptable dropdown menu. Add a dropdown field, define the options, and select the dropdown option.



Checkboxes indicate task completion, but they can also represent binary choices like yes or no. Select the checkbox option, define the label and default value.


The following is a transcript of the video generated by a computer. The wording may be different.


[00:01] Hi everyone from OneClick, this is Kevin. In this video I'm going to show you what the advanced checklist input are, and how to use them, and be able to upgrade your checklist from just a basic checkmark like we saw in the previous two videos, but to have it be like upgraded, and have photos, and signatures, and anything like that. So, the way that you do that is by clicking on ‘manage checklist’ here, and in this case I can either pick one that is already open, that we've already used, I can use one of these templates, or I can click on this green banner here, and that will create a new checklist right here.

[00:40] So, I can open that one up, and I'm just going to leave it called new checklist, just for simplicity, and I can go in here and type in, let's say “new checkmark task” and then I can hit this, and I'll save it, but I can hit this view, and this will show kind of what it is there. And I'll also hit the edit back, and then I can go in, and let's make a new section here, and maybe I want to do, let's do new inputs, that's my section, then I can go in and paste my— From another screen that I took, and it has, okay we have the new photo, so I'm going to make this a photo one, and you can see here I just click on the checkmark dropdown, and then I can click and do it wherever, maybe I want this to be a number, I want this one to be a— Let's see, dropdown field, and I'm just going to put in each entry the new things that are on my list, and this one, we're going to do a number field, and so we're going to change— Oh, we already did number fields.

[01:45] We're going to do this as a small, and we're going to have that be a short answer, and then we're going to do new large, and this is going to be a long answer. We have signature already, I think that's all of them. Oh, we missed the slider one, so new slider, okay, and so I do all of that, and I could change these min and max, and have each step be more than one, I could put a min and max inside of here, and I'm going to do that, maybe we do a one to five kind of a thing, maybe how good they are, or whatever. Or maybe you want to do, “hey, what's the temperature of the freezer?” as the example, and so you can do all of that. And I could hit, obviously I'm going to save that, and then when I hit view, it kind of does a little preview of what it will look like in the normal checklist, but you can do it before you actually activate it.

[02:49] I'm going to go back to edit, and then I'm going to go back to our main thing, where we can see this new checklist in action. So, just like the other videos, I can go in and assign, let's say Ezra to this section, and McKinley to this section, and I can check off these two, and so Ezra's finished this section early. In the signature section, I can go in and draw my little fancy squiggles, and I can save that, and it puts my name on there, showing that I finished that one. I can put in the new number, so we did it 1 to 5, so if I put five there, it doesn't yell at me, but if I put 6, maybe like this, it's saying, “Hey, it should be between 1 and 5”, so the idea behind that is that you could put like a temperature, or something like that, and you're saying, “hey, it needs to be within this range, and if it's not, it's out of compliance”. What happens though, is that when you review it, it will recognize that this was outside of range, and then you have record of that.

[03:53] We also have this drop-down one, which has all of our fancy new inputs, maybe not all of them. I can type in here whatever I want, so ASDF, or in here, I can do this, and do it again, and do some more, and then I can save that, but I could also scroll up and be able to see any of that information. And then my slider, I could say, “Hey, I want this to be a three-star, or something” or whatever you can imagine that you can do with any of these features. With your thing, you have to have access to your camera, so I'm going to push allow, and then you can see, it doesn't actually recognize that my camera is working, so I can click on here, and you can see, my wonderful, I can upload a photo, so we'll just go to my here, and then I'm going to upload this photo that you've already seen in the other thing, but you can then click on it, and be able to open it up, and see that, and then you can always go in, and save it, or copy it, or do whatever you need to do with it, open it in a new tab, that kind of a thing.

[04:58] Once all of it ss done, just like the other checklist video, it does say that we can review it, and it does show that it keeps the number 6, even though that it's out of compliance, it's still yelling at me. Or I can move it down to say, “hey, now it's in compliance”, and I can go back, and it's all saved. So, if you do have any questions, or want some help importing your checklist, don't hesitate to reach out. You can either use the button below to reply to an email to us, or ‘Reply with Video’, and we will look forward to serving you in the best way that we can.