Archived Team Members' Profiles

You can access and review the profiles of past team members. This will allow you to make well-informed decisions when considering rehiring candidates.


As a Director at Chick-fil-A, you have the ability to access archived team members' profiles. This feature allows you to view information about former team members and evaluate their potential for rehiring. By retaining their profiles, including infractions, ratings, tenure, and time since departure, you can make informed decisions. Let's explore how to access archived team members' profiles and effectively utilize this information.


Accessing Archived Team Members' Profiles

To access archived team members' profiles, you need Director-level access in your Chick-fil-A management system. Log in and navigate to the staff list or directory section.


Including Archived Team Members

Within the staff list, select the option to include archived team members. This will display the profiles of former team members who are no longer working at your Chick-fil-A store. By including archived team members, you can access their profiles and view relevant information.


Viewing Profile Information

Once you have included archived team members, click on their names in the staff list to open their profiles. Here, you can see details such as infractions, ratings, employment duration, and time since departure from the Chick-fil-A store.


Evaluating Potential Returnees

Accessing archived team members' profiles provides valuable insight when considering rehiring individuals. Review their past performance, including ratings and infractions, to assess their suitability for reemployment. Consider their tenure and time since departure to gauge their familiarity with the Chick-fil-A environment.


Making Informed Rehiring Decisions

Use the information from archived team members' profiles to make informed decisions about rehiring candidates. Consider their past performance, reasons for departure, and alignment with your store's values and culture. This information can serve as a basis for conducting interviews or further assessments.


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[00:02] Hi everyone, this is Kevin from OneClick, in this video I'm going to show you how you can use the archived feature to see your team members that are no longer working at your location, or at the store, or whatever. Only directors have access to this, and we'll just get into it. So, from here, I just go to the staff list here, and right now it defaults to team only, and I could again, I could switch that between front of house, and back of house, you know, front house only, that kind of a thing, you can also just look at accountability only, and stuff like that, or have everybody who's a part of the team, so front of house, or back of house is on this section. Now, when I click ‘Include Archived’, go to team only, and then do that, it's now going to show the archived people, so I can click this again and only see people who are in that archived position, as I go through it, you can see it changes.

[01:00] But the idea behind that, is that I can see those people who have been let go, or fired, or you know, whatever the reason is. So, I can go into them and say like, “hey, Allison doesn't have any points, or any infractions”, she also doesn't have any training, so this is a bad example, let me see if I can find someone who is a good example, let's try Aaron. So, Aaron doesn't have any infraction points, but he does have a few ratings, so if he did want to come back, we could come in and look at it, and say like “oh, he is actually pretty decent at the first stuff, but didn't get really far, and that may be why it is”. We can go into the history to see like he started in August of 2021, and was just let go like yesterday, which is kind of sad. Anyway, but this is a dummy store, so obviously that is not a real person.

[01:55] Anyway, but you could also see like how well they did if they do want to come back to actually work again, or if they're, you know, not that this one, you want this to happen, but if they're trying to sue you for wrongful termination, you could come into like the infractions and see what they did do to be fired, and then say “No, this is the reason why”, that kind of a thing. Hopefully that doesn't happen for you guys, but that is an option, and that's what it's here for. So, you can just click on new, include archived, and you can see him here, and you can always type in the name, obviously I'm archived because I no longer exist as a person. Anyway, if you do have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out, you can do that through email, or you can use the link down below, the reply with a video, and we'll talk to you soon.