Assigning Checklists

Assign checklists to team members for effective task management.


Assigning checklists to team members is a practical approach to ensure efficient task management and promote collaboration within a team. By assigning specific sections to team members and tracking their progress, you can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and ensure accountability. In this guide, we will explore how to assign checklists and leverage their features for effective task management.

  1. Accessing the Checklists

    To assign team members to a checklist, access the main layout or the list tab of your task management tool. Locate the desired checklist you wish to assign and open it for editing. Ensure that the checklist is structured with clear sections and tasks for easy assignment.

  2. Assigning Team Members

    Within the checklist interface, look for an option to assign team members. Click on the assign icon or a similar designated button, and a list of available team members should appear. Select the relevant team members who will be responsible for completing specific sections of the checklist. Each assigned team member should have a number (1) displayed next to their name to indicate their assignment.

  3. Tracking Progress

    To monitor the progress of assigned sections, utilize visual indicators within the checklist. Typically, a green color is used to denote completed sections or tasks, providing a quick overview of the team's progress. Ensure that team members update the checklist accordingly when they finish their assigned sections.

  4. Clear Communication

    Assigning checklists should be accompanied by clear communication to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities. Share the assigned checklists with team members and provide any necessary instructions or guidelines. Encourage open communication and collaboration among team members, allowing them to seek clarification or support when needed.

  5. Flexibility and Adaptability

    Task assignments may need to be adjusted as circumstances change. Be open to reassigning sections if necessary, accommodating changes in priorities, or redistributing workload to optimize productivity. Regularly review and update assignments as the project progresses to ensure everyone is aligned with the team's goals.

  6. Integration with Collaboration Tools

    Consider integrating your task management tool with collaboration tools such as project management platforms or communication channels. This integration enables seamless sharing of checklists, real-time updates, and improved collaboration among team members. Utilize features like notifications or reminders to keep everyone informed and ensure timely task completion.



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[00:01] Hey everyone, this is Kevin from OneClick. I'm going to show you how to assign someone from your team into a checklist. So, the way that we can do that is multiple ways. We can either open up the checklist here, and we can drag, in this case, the closing bagging station. Christian is working on bagging, so I'm going to have him do this section. You can see that he has been assigned to a checklist by either opening up the list, and you can see a one next to his name, or you can see on the layout here that he has a one next to his name there.

[00:34] Now I can go in and find another person, we're going to pick on Bailey, and can assign Bailey to this closed something section. And then as you go through, and I can do multiple people, so maybe I need to have Andrea help Christian with their assignment, but I also want Andrea to show Bailey this assignment also. So, as we go through, and you can see that Andrea has a two next to her name, showing that she's been assigned to two different sections of a checklist. As you go through and check all of these off as they finish them, you can see that Christian has finished his checklist that he's been assigned, because there's a green label there both on the checklist, as well as on the position itself, and you can see that it's green. Andrea still has one more, and so as we finish this something section, you can see that all of those checklists have been turned green, and I'm showing that they've completed all the assigned checklists that they've been assigned to.

[01:40] Now as a leader, I can go in and click on ‘Review’ and go from there, or I can come down here and mark how well they did, did they meet expectations, were they low, or did they exceed it. And then I can type in any comments of like, “Hey, Bailey did great”, or whatever, or “Hey, I'm noticing that we didn't have any bags”. So, I can put that in my comment there, and then I can hit ‘Submit Review’. When I do that, it also goes down, if there were more items there, it would go down below, but I can also see that same thing in this section. So, you can see here, I have that full thing that we just did on the other page, but I can see every one that I can assign to them. So, I can go to this 8pm one, and I can see that I have a closing desserts one.

[02:32] And I have three different sections, and so I can say “Hey, I want June to do that one”, and I'm just going to assign it up to this top part, and it's just going to set them to whatever the next section is. So, I want Alexa to do that one also. If I continue to assign them at the top here, it's just going to continue to put them into the next section, and maybe I want a whole bunch of people to do this to make sure that it actually gets done, or maybe it's you’re training all of these people all at the same time, and so we can just go in and do that. Once they finish it as well, you can click on Review, or you can do that, how well they did, and do any comments and anything like that.

[03:17] If we go to our 9 o'clock one, you can see that it also has closing, and that closing bag sensation is back up again. I'm going to go through and check all of these off just to kind of show you what that review does. Obviously, I should do this off screen. You can tell that it's done 8 hours early because in this case it's almost 12, and 9 o'clock is way later, so you can see how early they did it, or if it was supposed to be done at 10 A.M., and it's now 12, it would then say, “Hey, it's marked off 2 hours late” or something. But I can click on Review, and you can see here that these are the completed checklists, and here's the uncompleted checklist, and all of these people who have been assigned, just like when we are on the layout part of it, you can see who has been assigned on those sections, or into the layout, and who hasn't, just based off of that. You can also see who has finished their assignments. Let us know if you do have any questions. You can email us, or you can reply down below with a video, and that might help you as well.