Copy and Paste Setups

To save time, reuse past setups for different occasions by copying and pasting them in OneClick.

You can copy a 9 AM time to

  • Another day at 9 AM
  • Another day at 11 AM
  • Same day at 11 AM
  • Any time you want to paste it to


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[00:06] So, one of these cool features that we've made is, let's say I really like this lineup. It's my dream team at nine o'clock. So, what I can do is I can say, hey, I want to copy this layout. And so, then I can go to a different day, let's say next today's Friday. So, next Friday the 30th, I could go in and say, okay, I want to go to my nine o'clock lineup and I'm going to hit paste. And so, it's going to go through and say, whoever's assigned that day, you're going to be in that same position. So, you can see here how I have a bunch of people that aren't assigned because they weren't working last Friday. And so, I could go in and either, you know, place them there or I can click on that auto scheduler to fill in the rest, and so now everybody's there.

[00:53] But I could do the same thing, you know, in this case, we've gone two weeks out and so then I could still fill in this layout. And so, this has even fewer people than it did two weeks ago, or today in this case, the 23rd. And so, I could say, oh, that's a lot less people than house there. Maybe scheduler I’m not ordering the same people every Friday, and maybe that's a good thing, maybe that's not, just depends on what I want to do.

[01:22] But the other cool thing is I could go to my— Let's do, go back to today and let's say I want to [inaudible] line up or let's say 11. So, I could go in and if I hit reset, I could say, Hey, I want to copy my nine o'clock one, and so that will copy everything over and then I can make my edit. Or since I've already copied my nine o'clock one, I could just hit paste and it would put everybody in. And so, then if I go to, let's say Monday, then right now it does have a nine o'clock line up. And so, I could just hit paste again just to see who's there, to see what [inaudible] are working it. And so, I can make the edits as needed based off of that.