Leader Training - First 4 Things To Do When Getting Started

Learn about the 4 steps we recommend Chick-fil-A leaders walk through as they are first beginning to implement the OneClickApp software within their restaurant.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 00:26 Assign Access/Permissions to all Levels of Leadership Team
  • 00:53 Select Which of the OneClickApp Add-on Features You Will Use
  • 01:08 Add-on Feature: Minor Status for Team Members
  • 01:40 Add-on Feature: Access to Training Ratings and Comments
  • 02:25 Add-on Feature: Basic vs. Advanced Break Management
  • 02:50 Select or Purchase the Hardware You'll Use to Access OneClickApp
  • 03:37 Watch Full Demo Video 04:07 We'd Appreciate Your Feedback