Profile Picture and Profile Info

Explore how team collaboration can be improved through the use of profile pictures and additional contact information. You'll learn about the advantages of implementing these features.


Fostering a sense of familiarity and connection within a team is crucial for effective collaboration. The utilization of profile pictures and additional contact information can greatly contribute to building stronger relationships among team members. This article explores the benefits and functionalities of profile pictures and additional contact info, including birthdays, work anniversaries, and emergency contacts.


Profile Pictures

Profile pictures offer a visual representation of team members, making it easier to identify and connect with individuals. Each team member has the option to add a profile picture to their account. On the profile page, the picture can be displayed in a larger format, while on the staff list, it will appear in a smaller size for easy browsing. Team members can upload their own picture by clicking on the camera icon. On a computer, they can either take a new photo or choose an existing one from the folder tree. On mobile devices, they can take a new photo directly or upload one from their device. If a team member wishes to change or remove their picture, they can click the trash can icon to do so.


Additional Contact Info

In addition to profile pictures, including additional contact information can enhance team communication and support in various scenarios. The following types of information can be included:

  1. Birthday: Displaying team members' birthdays enables colleagues to celebrate and wish them a happy birthday, fostering a positive and engaging work environment. Access to view others' birthdays is typically limited to team leaders or higher positions, ensuring privacy and respectful celebration.

  2. Work Anniversary: Showcasing work anniversaries allows team members to acknowledge and appreciate each other's commitment to the organization. Celebrating milestones and expressing gratitude for a colleague's tenure fosters a sense of camaraderie and loyalty. Similar to birthdays, visibility of work anniversaries is generally limited to team leaders or higher positions.

  3. Emergency Contact: The inclusion of emergency contact information serves as a vital resource in case of unforeseen circumstances. Typically, only shift leaders or higher-ranking personnel have access to view others' emergency contact details. This information enables prompt and efficient communication during emergencies, ensuring the well-being and safety of team members. The emergency contact section lists all relevant contacts, including names, phone numbers, and/or email addresses.



The following is a transcript of the video generated by a computer. The wording may be different.


[00:01] Hi everyone, this is Kevin from OneClick. In this video, I'm going to go over what we added to the profile. So, we added both pictures as well as birthdays, work anniversary and emergency contact. And I'm going to go over that in this video. So, you can see here I'm currently signed in as Jessica. And so, when I click on her profile, you can see here that she has a picture there, as well as both her birthday, her work anniversary. And in this case, she doesn't have an emergency contact. But if I go into let's say Haley, you can see here that she does have an emergency contact. And can kind of go from there. So, we're going to pick on someone who doesn't have that information. So, we'll pick on Garrett.

[00:45] So, in this case, I can— To upload a profile picture, you need to be at least a shift leader or higher if you want to do it for others. Or if you want to do it for your own, then you just do it for your own. You can click on the little picture icon or you can click on the actual picture itself and click on upload picture, it's going to ask you to use your camera. And right now because I'm recording, I can't use my camera. But it would then show a current picture of whichever you're using. And you could then take said picture and then upload it.

[01:20] Now, because I'm on a computer, I can click here and it will open up the file explorer and I could click on whatever picture and then click open. And it will then upload that picture. And then you can use that picture as your thing there. Now if I don't like this picture, I can always click on delete, and it will delete that picture from being uploaded and being used, okay? Now, continuing on profile pictures, you can look at it from the actual profile or you can see it down on the side here. So, you can see like a little picture of each of them and then you can go into it to see a bigger picture.

[02:01] As for the additional contact info, we added the birthday so you can wish them happy birthday. You can see their work anniversary, you can see that of when they first joined the team. And then you can also see the emergency contact that we get from HotSchedules. Permission level wise, you have to be at least a team leader to be able to see these two, both birthday as well as the work anniversary. And then you need to be at least a shift leader in order to see the emergency contact. Seeing the emergency contact, obviously, if there's an emergency with that team member, you don't have to try and pull up HotSchedules to try and find that information. You can just see it here. If there are multiple contacts, you can see that here as well. It will say like, Stephanie in this case has that one contact, and then we'll also have whoever the other contact is as well. If you do have any questions about any of either the profile pictures or the additional contact info there, don't hesitate to reach out and we can help answer those questions for you.